Products Developed and Managed by us.


Customer Magazines

Multi-language publications, combining articles written and translated into all the languages required. Individual articles are sourced and written for each particular language. This gives each version of the publication a local flavour, in combination with corporate messages and a corporate look.
multi language publication

Multi-Language websites

Internet sites that are produced in single or multiple languages, with a CMS system that allows them to be translated and published live, making sure the correct content appears on the correct site. Also static country-specific, single-language sites customised to suit the needs of visitors from the country/ies that read that language.
multi language websites


We will work with you to develop advertisement copy, ranging from individual one-off messages all the way up to full corporate identity / branding campaigns. We are in the advantageous position of being able to brief copywriters from a position of understanding both the buyers’ and sellers’ perspectives.



Corporate Newsletters

By developing both printed and electronic newsletters we are able to help you deliver the appropriate newsletter to your audience, the choice of format being driven by your customers’ preference as to how they would like to receive them. We have the expertise to write, design and deliver complete newsletters in both formats.

commemorative publications
Commemorative Publications

We have produced and distributed a number of highly significant commemorative publications describing some of the world’s most prestigious infrastructure projects. We would be delighted to discuss various options for your project.

reference material
Manuals and Reference Materials

Books, simple CD-Roms, and searchable web-based products have all been produced for clients wishing to disseminate large amounts of information in a variety of formats. We can provide a variety of highly cost-effective options, including full marketing of each product.