Services Offered by Route 2 Market

Route 2 Market usually signs two-way, non-disclosure agreements so that it can work closely with each client, to fully understand the aims and goals of the projects that it works on. Principal services offered include:



We have direct access to the entire Editorial Staff of Route One Publishing, plus the expert writers of its partners. We also have a worldwide network of experienced journalists that we work with on a regular basis.


Expert photography is a key component of the services we offer, from access to a fully equipped studio, through to a team of top photographers that work at locations around the world.

Website Design

From static micro sites to full CMS database-driven systems, allowing for data capture and search engine optimisation, we use the appropriate programming language to fulfil your needs and match your budget.

Database Management /
Back-up and Archive

With full implementation of data capture in a secure system that is backed up in three separate secure locations to provide total peace of mind, we allow you access to all the data to view and interrogate, via set reports, user preferences, and intervention that can be dictated by you. Our systems are supported by key staff trained in the latest cutting edge database technologies.

Data Acquisition / Verification

From sourcing and purchasing lists, to researching markets via telephone, fax and Internet data capture, we also offer a service to contact and enhance your existing data, all geared to providing you with the best database your money can buy.



We offer a choice of HTML text and multi-platform e-mail marketing, allowing you to deliver your message to any communications device, from Blackberry to Computer, PDA or Smart phone. We also have the ability to track many of the links used or e-mails viewed by the recipient, and can offer a range of anti-SPAMMING techniques.

Design & Print

From concept to printed product, through benchmarking or brief, we produce many different types of literature in single and multiple languages. We enable you to incorporate individual country requirements or preferences, keeping to your House Style where required, or developing one for you. Literature can be printed by us, or print-ready files delivered to your printer with a full print specification.


We use specialist industry translators to ensure that your messages are not diluted or otherwise altered, allowing for industry-specific terms and phrases to provide you with a polished translation.


Our access to industry knowledge, together with an extensive database, enables us to work with selected research partners to deliver research which effectively finds out what you need to know, via expert questionnaire design and analysis.

E-Mail and Fax broadcast

We offer both design and implementation, and the systems we use can monitor delivery of both e-mail and fax to give you clear and quantifiable information about how many establishments your campaigns have reached.